We Make Follow Up Sexy.

When you start doubling your sales from follow up alone, "sexy" is definitely a word that should come to your mind :-)

Why we do it

"When I started building this CRM, it was for my own solar dealership that my brother and I owned and operated. We began building this for our virtual and D2D teams. We had 7-8 virtual reps and 50+ door to door reps, so this CRM had to be legit.

As soon as we realized we could make another $300,000+ per year off the SAME leads we were already generating, we went all in and built out an entire follow up system and put it on 90% auto-pilot. And it paid off big time! We were able to pay ourselves more and eventually sell our company for a seven figure exit. Shortly after, I decided to offer CRMX as a service for other solar companies who want to get more money out of the leads they already have.

Since CRMX launched in Jan 2022, we've come a long ways and now we're moving fast to become the leader in the solar marketing and sales CRM space. Now we offer websites, funnels, social media management, and even offer to build these tools for our clients so they can focus on their business."

Our Team

Welcome To The Family.

When we launched this CRM, we had no idea it would be in demand this quickly and make such a massive impact on our client's bottom line. We are a family of entrepreneurs, so it was natural for us to put our strengths together and build something that supports other business owners, so they too can provide an amazing life for their families.

Brent Attaway

CEO & "Full Stack" Entrepreneur

Maddison Lanz

Operations Manager

Chase Attaway

Marketing & Support Manager

Ana Quijano

Customer Support Manager

Bragging Rights

Sales reps and managers love how easy it is to follow up with CRMX

Don't take our word for it. Here's what sales professionals are saying...

“I've had the chance to work with Brent Attaway [and his CRMX team]... If you're looking at improving your follow up process, he is probably the best I have ever seen.”

Jake Hess - Found of The Solar Academy & SolarCon

“The CRMX Team has systemized and automated what many of us solar professionals struggle with the most and that’s follow-up. If you don’t follow up with your prospects, someone else will knock on their door or call them... As we have all heard before, the fortune is in the follow-up. I highly recommend his program!”

Lily Valdez (Solar Lily) - Sunlink Connections

"If you're looking to improve your follow up systems, figure out what to say, and the tools to use, then [this] is going to help you take your follow up to the next level."

Taylor Armstrong - Solar Professional, Golden Door Award Winner, & Host of Solarpreneur Podcast