CRMX Fast Start Coaching

CRMX FastStart Coaching: Your Turbocharged Shortcut to CRMX Mastery!

Ready to transform from a CRMX newbie to a ninja? Or maybe you're already a ninja, but you're eyeing that elusive black belt? FastStart Coaching is your secret weapon. We’re not just about teaching you the ropes; we're about tying those ropes into a rocket and launching you into CRMX stardom. Whether you’re just stepping into the CRMX arena or looking to level-up your game, our coaching is the nitro boost your operations need. Get ready to operate CRMX like a boss, with all the tricks, tips, and high-fives you can handle.

Let’s make CRMX magic happen, together!

Pick a Package


For the "solo" sales rep who wants the fundamentals of a CRM and Sales Pipeline. Plus, a dedicated business phone number for calls and texting.


1 User

No option for additional users

  • Basic CRM

  • Digital Business Card

  • Dedicated Business Number*

  • 2 Way Text Messaging*

  • 2 Way Email Messaging*

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Pay As You Go Text and Calling Credits*

  • Sales Pipeline

  • iOS mobile app

  • Android mobile app

  • Basic Ticket Support and tutorials

  • No Automated Follow Up

  • No Calendar

  • No Option To Add Additional Users

  • No Integrations

  • No automations


Kickstart your journey! 🚀 Silver gives you the initial push and key directions. Fewer calls, more action. Ideal for self-starters ready to explore CRMX on their own terms.


  • Two (2) One Hour Sessions

  • Build Your Strategy

  • One Automation Built and Implemented


Need a co-pilot? 🌟 Gold ups the ante with more coaching calls and guidance. Perfect for those who appreciate extra support to hit the ground running.


  • Four (4) One Hour Sessions

  • Build Your Strategy

  • 2-3 Automations Built and Implemented


The full monty! ✨ Platinum offers the maximum number of coaching calls and automation setup. For those who want all-in, hands-on assistance to skyrocket in CRMX efficiency.


  • Seven (7) One Hour Sessions

  • Build Your Strategy

  • 4-5 Automations Built and Implemented


If you have a team of more than 10 people, then this is the best plan for you. Welcome to unlimited users!


Unlimited Users

  • Everything in Xtreme +

  • Unlimited Users

Questions about our packages? Text or Call Us at 850-273-4923