CRMX Pricing & Plans

Don't ignore the fact that with Xtreme & Unlimited Editions, there's over $27,000 of pre-written follow-up content, done-for-you videos, and landing pages already built for you. Not to mention the actual CRM, sales pipeline, pre-built automation, SMS, phone, email, sales calendar booking system, funnel builder, website builder, online reviews... fully baked in.

This replaces at least $7,021 in software costs... EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

Here's what's even better, it saves you the time and headache trying to connect a dozen different tools together... It's all under one platform!

But, let's say you did decide to bolt all those other tools together... None of them have our pre-built Follow Up Framework™ and sales systems already infused, ready to go! So, not only are you saving money, but you're also saving a massive amount of time.

Which is why using CRMX is a really easy decision!

Want an even better reason to start today? You can try it for FREE, on us :-)

Choose A Plan That Works For You


For the "solo" sales rep who wants the fundamentals of a CRM and Sales Pipeline. Plus, a dedicated business phone number for calls and texting.


1 User

No option for additional users

  • Basic CRM

  • Digital Business Card

  • Dedicated Business Number*

  • 2 Way Text Messaging*

  • 2 Way Email Messaging*

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Pay As You Go Text and Calling Credits*

  • Sales Pipeline

  • iOS mobile app

  • Android mobile app

  • Basic Ticket Support and tutorials

  • No Automated Follow Up

  • No Calendar

  • No Option To Add Additional Users

  • No Integrations

  • No automations


If you're ready to grow your sales, this is where to start. You'll get everything needed to grow fast, including automated follow up built in.


Includes 3 Users

  • Full CRM Capabilities

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Dedicated Business Number*

  • 2 Way Text Messaging*

  • 2 Way Email Messaging*

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Pay As You Go Text and Calling Credits*

  • Sales Pipeline

  • iOS mobile app

  • Android mobile app

  • Live Chat Support, Ticket Support, & Tutorials

  • Form Builder

  • Survey Builder

  • GMB Call Tracking (Google My Business)

  • Web Chat Widget

  • Funnel & Website Builder

  • Unlimited Funnels & Websites with Hosting Included

  • Advanced Calendar Management

  • Team Calendar Round Robin

  • Automated Appointments Reminders and Confirmations

  • Automated Email Marketing

  • Automated SMS Marketing

  • Automated User Reminders To Follow Up

  • Automated Workflow Builder

  • Digital Business Cards

  • Basic Reporting

  • Zapier Integration

  • Reputation Management


Ready to scale up? Xtreme gives you the full CRMX experience, more users, priority chat support, and advanced business growth automations built in.


Includes 20 Users

  • Everything in Pro, Plus...

  • SMS and Email Templates

  • Online Lead Contacting Built In

  • Direct Sales Lead Contacting Built In

  • Quick Follow Up Automations Built In

  • Automated Long Term Follow Up Built In (AKA: "Forever Follow Up System")

  • Lead Scoring & Hot Lead Notifications

  • Inbound Calls Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Online Communities (Paid and Free options)

  • Social Media Planner

  • Affiliate/Referral System

  • Priority Chat Support

  • Integration Support

  • Proposals & Estimates With Verified Signatures

  • Invoicing & Payments


Ready to grow at an unlimited rate? CRMX Unlimited gives you the best of the best experience with live screen share support, unlimited users, and more!

$699/mo $599/mo

Includes Unlimited Users

  • Everything in Xtreme, Plus...

  • A.I. Conversational Bot

  • A.I. Appointment Setting

  • A.I. Content Generator

  • Multiple Dashboards for Custom Reporting

  • Unlimited Live Screen Share Support

  • Unlimited Users

  • Data Migration Support

  • BONUS: Fast Start Coaching Session ($250 Value)

With CRMX Unlimited, you'll experience a shift from 'business as usual' to 'business like never before.' Say goodbye to the late nights trying to figure out why campaigns aren't working. Wave farewell to the frustration of leaky sales funnels. Embrace a new era where your to-do list becomes your done list.


If you have a team of more than 10 people, then this is the best plan for you. Welcome to unlimited users!


Unlimited Users

  • Everything in Xtreme +

  • Unlimited Users

*Subscriptions do not include data charges for text messaging, phone calls, and emails. We've made it highly affordable to pay as you go instead of having to pay higher monthly fees for data you don't ever use. This allows you to add unlimited contacts without getting charged, which is unique, because most CRM platforms charge for quantity of contacts, not just data. You'll only get charged for the data you use to communicate with contacts, so add as many contacts as your heart desires (assuming they've asked to be contacted by you).

Questions about our plans? Text or Call Us at 850-273-4923


Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade within your account or just let our team know when you're ready to upgrade and we'll take it from there. [email protected]

What are data charges? And How Much Will It Cost Me Each Month?

Data charges are for Calling Texting, and Emails.

Text Messages

Text messages are charged per segment of characters sent. Without getting too complicated in explaining what that means, you can expect an average cost to be approximately $.0119 cents per text message. This charge applies for outgoing and incoming text messages. That's about $10 per 840 text message segments.

Phone Calls

Calls are $.021 cents per minute to make calls and $.0128 cents per minute to receive calls. That's about $10 per 475 outbound phone calls (averaging 1 min per phone call).


Outbound emails are $.0014 cents per email. That's approximately $10 per 7,145 emails sent (super affordable!). Incoming emails are free.

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are $1.15/month per phone number.

Average: The average CRMX client spends approximately $25-30 per month on data charges.

If you plan on sending high volume text and email campaigns each month, then be sure to account for the data charges in your outbound marketing budget.

How do I cancel my free trial?

It's really simple. Log in to your account and cancel inside the settings menu. You can also click the support chat and let us know, we'll help you out.

Do you have an annual payment plan?

Yes, contact support to save 15% on our annual plans.

Are there start up fees or contracts?

No... and No :-). You pay monthly and cancel anytime. Note: there are no refunds for partial months or if you choose not to use it for several months.

Do I own the data inside my CRMX account?

Yes, any data you add to your account is yours. We do not access, sell, or rent any data from our clients... That's illegal... And anyone that would do this should be tortured and made to eat worms for life.

Do you integrate with Zapier?

Yes, we give you a special invite to our custom Zapier integration once you enroll. You'll be able to connect to thousands of other applications via Zapier.

Do you have a mobile app?

Abso-freakin-lutely! We have iOS and Android mobile apps. Search for CRMX and download it. You'll use the same login as you do with the desktop browser.

Can I add users with Pro and Xtreme Editions?

Pro Edition includes up to 3 users. Xtreme Edition includes up to 20 users, Unlimited Edition gives you unlimited users.

You can also restrict sales reps to only see the contacts, sales opportunities, and calendar items assigned to their user.

How do I get support if I run into a problem or need help?

We have a full support team ready to help you Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm central. You can choose from our live super fast chat support or you can submit tickets anytime of the day and we'll get back to you with an answer and solution quickly.

Do you have tutorials and trainings to help get started fast?

Absolutely! We help you in TWO ways. One, we have a video tutorial library that is constantly growing to help every little question or solution you're looking for. Two, we have live trainings/Q&A sessions several times per week with our expert team to show you how to do the "basics"... or "advanced" stuff you're wanting to do with your CRMX account.

Does this really include a funnel builder and website builder?

Yep, it does. You can cancel any other funnel builder accounts and save immediate money (saves at least $1,000 per year). It also includes your website hosting, so there's another $100-200 per year saved.

What if I already have a GHL account?

If you already have a GoHighLevel account (the platform/backbone software we use to build CRMX), we do NOT offer to share a copy of CRMX to your existing GHL account. If you want to use the extraordinary benefits of the CRMX system, you'll need to invest in our entire CRMX product that we've invested several years building. This is not just a copy of GHL, far from it. We've completely customized GHL to become CRMX and we're proud to bring it to the industry. We are constantly improving the system and adding more features on a weekly basis. Many of our clients cancel their current GHL account and transfer to CRMX because we've already done all the heavy lifting and built it for the home service industry to maximize their leads, sales, and raving fans.

Bragging Rights

Sales reps and managers love how easy it is to follow up with CRMX

Don't take our word for it. Here's what sales professionals are saying...

“I've had the chance to work with Brent Attaway [and his CRMX team]... If you're looking at improving your follow up process, he is probably the best I have ever seen.”

Jake Hess - Found of The Solar Academy & SolarCon

“The CRMX Team has systemized and automated what many of us solar professionals struggle with the most and that’s follow-up. If you don’t follow up with your prospects, someone else will knock on their door or call them... As we have all heard before, the fortune is in the follow-up. I highly recommend his program!”

Lily Valdez (Solar Lily) - Sunlink Connections

"If you're looking to improve your follow up systems, figure out what to say, and the tools to use, then [this] is going to help you take your follow up to the next level."

Taylor Armstrong - Solar Professional, Golden Door Award Winner, & Host of Solarpreneur Podcast